Audio Length: 56:48

was recorded on 2/08/06 @ Mnt. Zion Tabernacle in El Prado New Mexico. As the Holy Bible teaches throughout, we will face trials, tribulations and testing’s at some point in our lives. But why?

Sermon Highlights:

Trials and tribulations are orchestrated by God to train us how to use His anointing when He gives it to us and get us to the place where He can use us mightily according to His perfect will. There’s a price to pay for the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Greater the trials (greater the agitation), more powerful the anointing is in the presence of Almighty God. Joseph of the Book of Genesis is our great example today of these facts

Your pit can be some else’s Palace. Some trails and testing we go through are self-inflicted through bad decisions. Others are orchestrated by Almighty God (Job 1-2). But the Lord can use both of those experiences to help you minister to somebody else effectively that is going through the same things you went through in order to encourage them in the Lord

Faith is perfected through trials, testing’s and tribulations. Faith is strengthened when we use it. Faith is like a muscle of the human body. When we exercise muscles, it strengthens. Same thing with faith. When we use and exercise faith, trusting in the Lord when there is no other way, and let Him lead us through, faith therefore strengthens. And in the process we get to know God in a deeper and powerful way and to bear more holy and godly fruit for the Kingdom of the Most High God. Faith that’s not tested, is faith that cannot be trusted