The Book of Ephesians chapter 5 starts out with a simply powerful command to all born-again children of God, “Be imitators (followers) of Jesus Christ as dear children.”

This is one of many keys in being the powerful, glorious church, in which the Lord Jesus Christ died and raised from the dead for. In order to be imitators of Jesus Christ we must first know Him, to be like Him:

He is holy, sanctified, steadfast, faithful, selfless, powerful, loving, compassionate and merciful. Full of faith, zeal, Holy Spirit fire and passion for righteousness and for lost sinners going to Hell. He is truth and light of the world. Transparent, genuine and obedient to God His Father even to the point of death.

Jesus Christ is coming for His sanctified, spiritually spotless and morally clean bride (His church), who kept themselves spiritually clean and morally pure in a filthy and corrupt world (Ephesians 5:25-27), in order to be the powerful, glorious bride of Christ whom glorifies Him as Lord.

The whole entire Holy Bible, especially the Book of Ephesians chapter 5, shows us how to be His glorious church:

The glorious church loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all our hearts, with all our strength, with all our mind, with all our body and with all our souls, and loves all humanity (v:2)
The glorious church hates all sins, transgressions, and iniquities (v:3-6)
The glorious church is holy and sanctified (v:2;7;15-18;26-27)
The glorious church is the light in the world of darkness (v:8-14)
The glorious church is full of faith and power in God’s Holy Spirit (v:8-13)
The glorious church are thankful in all circumstances of life (v:19-20)
The glorious church is committed and married to God (Elohim) (v:21-30)
The glorious church are ready for His glorious appearance. Are you?

Audio Length: 24:23

Study Highlights:

*01:03   Ephesians 5:3-14
Sin are the fruits of satan. This is why those who sin will not inherit the kingdom of God (Heaven). Fruits of the flesh vs. fruits of the Spirit.

We are to walk in the Spirit (the Holy Spirit) always so we will not gratify the desires of the sinful flesh. That is what God our Heavenly Father requires and expects us to live by daily. This is how we abide in Jesus Christ our Lord. This is our daily responsibility to the end

*10:53   Ephesians 5:15-21
Since we do not know the day or hour when Jesus Christ will appear, we are to be ready and stay ready for His appearance in the clouds (the rapture of the church age).

Walking carefully before the Lord, since eternal life depends on the way we live by faith. Finding out what the perfect will of God is and live it with all our heart. This is how we redeem the little time we have on this earth as the wise.

*12:55   Ephesians 5:22-33
Our earthly marriage between a man and a woman is the direct reflection of our salvation in God. Wives are to commit and submit (obey & honor) their Husband in love as the church (the bride of Jesus Christ”). Committed and submitted to God because we love Him. Husbands are head of the household as Jesus Christ is head of the church.

And Husbands are to love your wife just as Jesus Christ loves His bride (the church body), as His own body since the two are one flesh. Any other way is rebellion against God and against the order He created marriage to be.

Jesus Christ will only be married to a glorious bride (obedient, sanctified and holy) without spot, wrinkle or any such sinful, abominable, rebellious blemish.

Evidence of the Holy Spirit living in the true glorious bride of Jesus Christ