Audio Length: 36:31

was originally recorded in September of 2009 @ the Hope For A Hopeless Generation Studio. Fearing God is to trust, serve, obey, and follow Jesus Christ, which is loving the real true God and Father. But today the so-called “Contemporary Christians” undoubtedly has embraced a false view about God our Father and His Word. Who is God Really? This message is a continuation of: 2 Sides To The Coin of Truth: Side A and serves as a reality check who God truly is and corrects our 1 sided assumption through His Holy Bible.

Sermon Highlights:

On one hand, God is loving, compassionate, merciful, kind, patient, slow to anger etc. He has made every way possible to redeem humanity from their sinful fallen state. To forgive sins and reconcile humanity back to Himself through His only begotten Son (Lord Jesus Christ) for those who believes, repents and follows the Lord.

And on the other hand, God brings forth righteous judgments because He is Judge and He judges sins. Example: God destroyed humanity by the flood (Genesis 6-9 minus Noah and his righteous family) and He will put an end to this sinful fallen world (Revelation 8-20) because of satan, sins, rebellion and pride.

Therefore the children of God and backsliders needs to also take heed to all the warnings now and get right and to stay ready for the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ. Get right and stay ready when He calls all Humanity to give an account (Hebrews 4:13). Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Not even the next hour. And those who do not know Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer, needs to get right with Him.

All will bow before the Lord Jesus Christ one way or another (Philippians 2:5-11). Might as well be now while it still counts on this earth. The Lord Jesus Christ has given us hope, and the way of escape from the wrath of God which is eternal Hell-fire and damnation. Repent or perish! Fear God and live!

Note: If this message you heard blessed you greatly. And it led you to get right with God through this message from the Lord. Please share it with this ministry in the comments section below. Tell the world what the Lord Jesus Christ done for you. God bless you, your family and your friends