Audio Length: 44:49

was recorded on 12/27/06 @ Mnt. Zion Tabernacle in El Prado New Mexico. An untraditional Christmas Message. Deals with religious false teachings of “purgatory” and “praying the dead into heaven.”

Sermon Highlights:

Some traditions are good, such as traditions that helps us to grow and mature in Jesus Christ and honors Him as Lord of all, like for example: Christmas. Other traditions are bad such as those that can lead us into spiritual ruts, false theology which is empty religion. The Lord Jesus Christ challenged traditions and religion 2000 years ago and still challenges it today. Because religious traditions has nothing to do with God The Father, nor of His Son, nor of His Holy Spirit

If purgatory exists still, than what was the point of the Lord Jesus Christs’ death, resurrection and ascension?

If “praying the dead into heaven” is biblical, than what was the point of Jesus Christs’  sacrifice on the cross for the remission of sins for those who believe? Therefore, “praying the dead into heaven” is not doctrinal or biblical in any way. If you can find a catholic priest who will not lie, even they will tell you that this doctrine was added in 1944.

These doctrines is not from the original Jewish Cannon. These false doctrines with many others, are satan’s attempt to pervert the Holy Bible and bring it down to non-effect, to no-avail in the hearts and lives of many, by making sinners feel comfortable in sins with the false sense of security that a lie brings

The truth is in the basic Gospel of Jesus Christ that brings down these strongholds of religion and false theology