Welcome to the study of the Book of Acts chapter by chapter, verse by verse. Feel free to add your wealth of Biblical knowledge pertaining to God’s Holy Word for each specific study, as you are led by God’s Holy Spirit. These series of studies in the weeks to come are not pretending to be complete and thorough, but a revelation study as the Holy Spirit leads, guides and speaks during a personal recording session as one part of a grander revelation portrait from God our Heavenly Father.

The Lords Goal is to show us through His Word how important it is to reflect back constantly throughout our life long committed walk in Jesus Christ to our roots, the 1st Century Christian church. And to learn by their examples what we ought to be today, since the 1st Century church written in the Book of Acts is God’s blue-print of how His church and Christianity is supposed to be today, if not more glorious now than ever before. For these factual accounts inspired by God the Holy Spirit, written by the hands meticulous Scribes as these events were happening as a living testament for all times. An eye-witness account to show us the Acts of the Holy Spirit, which this book is truly about. Even though in some translations the “expanded title” of this book is: ‘The Acts Of The Apostles.’ But it is not about the acts of God-fearing men, but all about God. Because God does not exalt man above Himself, but He exalts Himself by the works that He does through His Ruach Ha’ Kodesh (Holy Spirit). So therefore the correct title is: ‘Acts Of The Holy Spirit.’ So in Essence the entire Holy Bible, especially this Book is about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Not about Apostles and not about man. We are just mere instruments of righteousness and servants in the hands of the living God.

What The Book Of Acts Teach Us

Further more, the Book of Acts also shows us how the church was living by a complete uncompromising, unwavering trust in Jesus Christ. Compelled to preach the Gospel message by the guidance of the Acts of the Holy Spirit against all oppositions. Shows us How God works in the spiritual realm to draw people to His Only Begotten Son by the preaching of His Word, coupled with the demonstration of the power of God. Shows us keys to be an effective witness, and shows how the 1st Century church dealt with similar, if not the same issues that we are facing today as our mentors did. The Book of Acts also serves as a reminder and a correction rod that God still operates the same way today as He has then. It is a living epistle that stands the test of time and endures through all opposition of doctrines that claims otherwise. Because our brothers and sisters then, has gone before us, to show us by examples how we ought to live, love and to move in faith. Teaches us by examples how to minister as our Lord Jesus Christ had taught with wisdom and by the working of His Holy Spirit.

As we progress further into these studies, we cannot help but notice how God formulates and orchestrates opportunities for His disciples to minister the Gospel message of His Salvation to the lost that desperately needs Jesus Christ through the workings of amazing miracles and daily circumstances. Teaching us how to recognize and take every opportunity as He wills to give, to point the way to His Only Begotten Son, Lord Jesus the Christ. Because He is the same yesterday; today and forever. He does not change. Giving us hope and encouragement that what He did yesterday He still does today, no matter how dark the world becomes as we move forward to the end. Have blessed day of Pentecost and enjoy the studies to come.

Acts 1&2 (What The Church Today Ought To Be)

Audio Length: 22:47

Study Highlights:

* 00:34 Acts 1:4-8
The promised baptism of the Holy Spirit.

* 04:03 Acts 1:9-11
The rapture. How Lord Jesus will appear.

* 09:11 Acts 1:21&22
Criteria of being a true Apostle.

* 11:17 Acts 2:1-4
The promised baptism of the Holy Spirit had come.

* 12:00 Acts 2:4&5
The true evidence of the Holy Spirit, the fruits of repentance.

* 12:50 Acts 2:6-40
The orchestration of the Holy Spirit for the Gospel Of Jesus Christ to be preached, using a sign, a wonder and a miracle.

* 19:37 Acts 2:42-47
Biblical keys to becoming the glorious church we ought to be today.