Audio Length: 43:10

was recorded on 5/24/06 @ Mnt. Zion Tabernacle in El Prado New Mexico. It’s part 2 of the message “From The Pit To The Palace.” Deals with the realities of struggles and testing’s, which is our heritage. From the Book of Exodus to the Book of Acts reflects truth as fact that the church today has to go through trials, testing’s and persecutions why?

God on one hand appoints it and on the other hand, allows the weapons of the devil to form against us in persecution to strengthen us corporately, to increase the body of Christ around the world. Throughout the Holy Bible, it show’s us that when the church went through heavy persecution, the body of Christ increased and was powerful. But rest assured, when the enemy (the devil) comes against us, he is really digging a pit and a snare against himself and against his own kingdom. And our Heavenly Father turns all we go through around for His glory.