This video documentary is an additional full length presentation of “Mount Sinai” from Base Institute. org. A team of adventurers who takes us through step by step testimonials with video documentation how the real Mount Sinai was discovered. The exact location of Mount Sinai has eluded archaeologists and theologians for centuries.

It is the mountain of legend chronicled in the Book of Exodus; the mountain where Moses saw the glory of the God of the Hebrews. Where Moses fell to his knees in fear before a burning bush, and where he received the stone tablets containing the Holy Law etched by the finger of God. Tradition has placed this holy mountain squarely in the middle of the Egyptian Sinai peninsula, but two unlikely teams of adventurers believe differently.

MOUNTAIN oF FIRE: The Search For The True Mount Sinai is their remarkable story, a journey that leads them on a dangerous mission to the barren deserts of Saudi Arabia, and to a mysterious blackened peak surrounded by high barbed wire fence, patrolled by armed guards. Their startling evidence smuggled out of Saudi Arabia at great risk will shock the world and rewrite history.

Our faith in Jesus Christ is not based on blind faith but rather faith with the physical tangible evidence that the Holy Bible, the official Jewish Canon, is Gods Holy Word based on God’s literal truth. Physical evidence and the confirmation of His Holy Spirit testifying to our hearts that God cannot lie. And the Holy Bible proves the physical evidence with specific details and accuracy, concurs with man’s written history over the millennia’s.

Therefore, the Holy Bible is not based on fairy-tales, but is the inerrant, infallible, factual Word of Truth that all humanity can trust. These series of video presentations will prove through archaeology that what really did happen according to the Holy Bible, really did occur.

Video Length: 105:51

…And will Humanity believe that the Holy Bible; The Holy Spirit inspired (God Breathed) official Jewish Canon is God’s one and only Word for all humanity, since seeing is believing as the world says? The Next video presentation in the Physical Evidence of The Holy Bible video series: Digging For The Truth of The Bible