Audio Length: 34:49

was originally recorded in September of 2009 @ the Hope For A Hopeless Generation Studio. Fearing God is to trust, serve, obey, and follow Jesus Christ, which is loving the real true God and Father. But today the so-called “Contemporary Christians” undoubtedly has embraced a false view about God our Father and His Word. Who is God Really? This message serves as a reality check who He truly is and corrects our 1 sided assumption through His Word.

Sermon Highlights:

The body of Christ is in the midst of a spiritual epidemic: “The Great Apostasy,” and the lack of the fear of God. What is wisdom? What is the fear of the Lord? What is understanding according to the Holy Bible?

The church has fallen away from the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and replaced it with a new gospel: The gospel of carnality and prosperity by false teachers and preachers, leading people astray to love wealth rather than to love God. The Holy Bible shows how to get God’s true revelation knowledge and real godly prosperity. Because true wealth of wisdom, understanding and prosperity is to draw us closer to God and to be used effectively for His will, plan and purpose and not repel us away and sin against Him

Two sides to the coin of truth about God, satan and sins. Heaven and Hell