The Armor of God is not only to protect us from the destructive effects of spiritual warfare and the direct workings of satan, but it also helps us to stand against and resist him.

Standing against the forces of darkness and opposition with confidence in Jesus Christ, resist’s the temptations of sins, the flesh’s will, laziness, doubts and fears, and against the shipwrecking of our faith in Jesus Christ.

It also helps protect us against pride and the deceitfulness of life, lies of the enemy, discouragement and even resist’s the temptations of giving up when battles becomes hot and heavy.

All these are part of the tactics of the enemy to try to keep born-again Christians and the church from moving forward in the power and the truth of God’s Holy Word (the Holy Bible), to a generation that knows not the truth and does not know Jesus Christ as Lord.

And with all the Armor and the power of God’s Holy Spirit, we will always resist and stand successfully while ministering effectively the word of truth in obedience, righteousness and faith. Because if we think we can fight against the devil in the flesh we are sadly mistaken.

We need to put on the full Armor of God, if we are going to make an impact and win the lost behind enemy lines.

Resistance (Spiritual Armor)

Audio Length: 21:29

Study Highlight:

Resistance strengthens faith

*8:21   James 4:7-10
Submit to God and resist the devil

Resisting temptations

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