Audio Length: 44:45

was recorded on 7/11/07 @ Mnt. Zion Tabernacle in El Prado New Mexico. There are 2 types of protection from God our Father. For Non-believers it is grace. For believers and followers of Jesus Christ, it is divine protection of God. This message from the Holy Spirit teaches us how to get this divine protection of God, because it is conditional not automatic.

Sermon Highlights:

Do you know without a shadow of doubt that you have this promised divine protection of God? Divine protection of God is conditional to the child of God meaning, you have to earn it, it’s not automatic

Impenitent heathen’s and sinners are under another type of protection of God to a point, and that protection is grace. And the reason for this type of protection He gives, is to give people time to repent before He allows death to over take suddenly. Gives people time to come to the knowledge of the truth of His only begotten Son (Jesus Christ) in order for people to make a conscious and rational decision to either repent and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and be acceptable unto Him or not.

Most Christians today assume to have the divine protection of God and don‘t really have it. So what must we do to get it since it is conditional? Psalms 91 gives us the keys